Steel Top Security Doors

Safety is No. 1 for your home

Hörmann top security door is your most reliable safeguard.


The Best Burglar Resistance

(Certified RC 3)

Good Fire Retardancy

(Certified 30 minutes)

High Thermal Insulation

(value reach up to 2.0 W/(M2·K))

Excellent Sealing

Sound Insulation reach up to 38 dB
Air Permability of Class 2

Certified by GB 17565-2007 Grade A Burglar Resistance

Hörmann top security doors comply with
the highest Standard of Mechanical
Security Locks GA/T73-94.

Security cylinder
(Key combination > 220,000,000)

Reinforced structure
with anti-drilling steel sheets.

Door Fittings,  It is impossible to detach the door leaf by force.

Locking points: Higher demand for safety.
  • 14 locking points for a single leaf door
  • 21 locking points for a double leaf door.
  • Door leaf with 9 locking bolts sized 18-20 mm
  • An additional two 16mm safety bolts on the hinge side are tightly fixed to the door frame.

Individual Design of Handles

HOE 760 SeriesDecograin embellishment and Colourful embellishment

Dark Mahogany


French Oak

RAL 9016 Traffic white

RAL 3003 Ruby red

CH 703 Dark grey

HOE 100
Satin stainless steel

HOE 300
Satin stainless steel

HOE 600
Satin stainless steel

Luxurious style with powder coating and Decograin surface