Loading Houses

The energy-efficient and space-saving solution

Loading houses are placed in front of the building, which is particularly energy-efficient and space-saving. This means that the entire building space can be used, right up to the exterior walls. The building door extends to the building floor not on top of the dock leveller, but behind it. This way, the door opening is optimally insulated, especially outside loading times. Loading houses are also suited for modernisation, as a complete loading bay can be added to the building without costly reconstruction measures.

Static calculation according to EN 1990

Adjustable pedestal feet

Optimal drainage

Flexible control

Loading house LHF 2 for on-site cladding

Any suitable cladding can be applied on the frame construction on-site, which is recommended when the building’s facade should also determine the appearance of the loading house.

Loading house LHF 2 for on-site cladding made of steel for customized requirements

Loading house LHP 2 with double-skinned 42 mm sandwich panels

In this version, the side walls and the roof panel are made of double-skinned 42-mm-thick steel panels. This version is recommended when in addition to protection against adverse effects of the weather, noise transmission is to be decreased during loading.

Loading house LHP 2 with 42 mm panels