SupraMatic P

  • SupraMatic P
    • 5-button hand transmitter HS 5 BS (black textured

    surface) including querying the door position

    • Low power consumption
    • Extremely easy programming thanks to 2 × 7-segment


    • Halogen lighting can be switched on/off separately
    • Additional opening height for a well-ventilated garage
    • Operator cover made of brushed aluminium

    As standard, SupraMatic P include photocell

    Pull and push force: 750 N

    Peak force: 1000 N

    Opening speed: max. 22 cm/s

    Standard for door size > 11 m2


  • Automatic door locking

    The door automatically locks on closing, making

    it impossible to lever it open. This unique automatic

    latching system is a mechanical device and therefore

    remains fully functional even in the event of a power failure.